Missouri Women’s Golf Education Association

Qualifications: Must be female 

Due: March 11th

Southeast Missouri Superintendents Association

Qualifications: Enrolling in a 4 year school after graduation 

Due: February 27th

Tour de Corn

Qualifications: College OR Vocational/Trade 

Due: March 3rd

Arpa Hill Lewis

Qualifications: Top 10% of class; must NOT be the child of a teacher 

Due: March 10th

Bogle Scholarship

Qualifications: College or trade school 

Due: March 17th

Bootheel Regional Women's Show

Qualifications: For female students 

Due: February 28th

Caring Communities

Qualifications: College or Vocational 

Due: March 31st

East Prairie Chamber of Commerce

Qualifications: College or Vocational 

Due: April 6th

R-2 Community Teachers Association

Qualifications: Preference will be given to students whose parents are members of CTA Due: March 10th

George and Margie Miller Memorial Scholarship 


Due: April 14th

Grace Campbell Scholarship

Qualifications: None 

Due: March 10th

James B. Moran

Qualifications: Upper 20% of graduating class 

Due: March 3rd

Kirt Feyler Memorial

Qualifications: Attended East Prairie Jr. High at least one year, graduate of EPHS, good academic student 

Due: March 10th


Qualifications: Preference to student going into media related field 

Due: April 14th

Lela Hill Scott 

Qualifications: None 

Due: March 10th

Rural Missouri High School Senior Scholarship Fund

Qualifications: Must plan to major in education 

Due: March 10th

East Prairie Ministerial Alliance
Qualifications: Involvement in church Due: April 14th

Sam Barker Memorial

Qualifications: Must be entering a trade program 

Due: April 14th

Stars and Stripes Museum

Qualifications: Open to all; essay! 

Due: March 31st

Stokes Memorial
Qualifications: Attended EP Middle School at least one year, good character, financial need Due: March 17th

Beta Club Scholarship
April 28 (Online Form Posted on Beta Google Classroom)

Barksdale Family Memorial Scholarship
April 28

Russell Clinard Memorial Scholarship


Due: March 10th
Rosalie Oliver LaPlant Memorial Scholarship

Qualifications: College Bound Senior 

Due: April 6th
FCCLA Scholarship Due: April 14th